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How To Use Pink In Your Home: Our Top Six Pink Colour Schemes

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a great day whatever you decide to do. It’s a day filled with love, chocolate, and pink things! To celebrate, I’ve put together my favourite pink colour schemes and design styles.

Pink has always been a firm favourite of mine. I think it’s such a versatile colour, whether used as a bold accent or a soft neutral. I’ve found that people can often be scared of using pink in their homes – it has a reputation for being too young and girly. Barbie’s Dream House often springs to mind… But pink is a colour that can work in lots of different colour palettes and across different interiors styles. It doesn’t have to be pretty, loud or OTT. It can be rustic, sophisticated, and even masculine!

Here are my top six pink colour schemes, along with some beautiful inspiration so that you can make pink work for you in your home.

Our Favourite Pink Colour Schemes

Bedroom with Pink and Neutral colour scheme
Image Credit: SF Girl

Light & Airy Inspiration and Colour Scheme

This beautiful bedroom has a lovely light and airy feel to it. Pink is used as a warm neutral along with cream and linen colours. When paired with white walls and dark wood furniture, the pink looks delicate and feminine without being overpowering. The textures and fabrics used for this look are natural and knocked-back. Linen cushions, sheepskin rugs and vintage wood furniture all help to make the room look calm, relaxed and homely.

Dark & Moody Inspiration and Colour Scheme

Soft blush pink always looks amazing against a dark and moody backdrop. Here, the pink is in a muddy colour and is paired with deep inky walls and rich burgundy accessories which makes the scheme feel luxurious and warm. For this look, opulence is key! Indulgent textures like velvet and brass are perfect for creating a luxe look.

Bedroom with coral pink, burgandy and blue colour scheme bedding
Image Credit: Oh Eight Oh Nine

Deep & Cosy Inspiration and Colour Scheme

This beautiful bedroom put together by one of my favourite stylists Oh Eight Oh Nine uses pink in a deeper coral colour which, combined with rich burgundy, makes the bedroom so cosy and inviting. For some lovely contrast, the warm colours are paired with slate blue and light painted walls. To make this colour scheme feel cosy, use lots of soft textures like fur and velvet and make sure you have plenty of cushions and blankets to snuggle up with!

Girls bedroom with floral patterned wallpaper and pink cushion
Image Credit: SF Girl

Vintage Boho Inspiration and Colour Scheme

I love this vintage look for children’s bedrooms! The pastel pink and blue which are often associated with children’s rooms are a little more chalky with a grey undertone. The traditional dark William Morris floral wallpaper gives the room a pretty, grown-up edge and looks lovely combined with boho style cane furniture. A beautiful take on a little girl’s bedroom. You can make this work for your own bedroom too, mix traditional patterns with natural textures, a little boho styling but add a little more dark charcoal to your walls or accessories.

Bed with ochre headboard and pink cushions
Image Credit: Emily Henderson

Rustic & Pretty Inspiration and Colour Scheme

Next, I’m taking inspiration from another of my favourite designers, Emily Henderson. Here, soft pink acts like a neutral when combined with muddy ochre against white walls and bedding to give a rustic look. Dark teal makes the pink and ochre pop – I’d love to see it used on the walls too for a more masculine look! Use cushions and accessories to pull out the accent colours and accentuate the look with pretty floral fabrics and bold artwork.

Bright pink and green seating area with tropical wallpaper and neon light
Image Credit: Baba Souk

Bright & Tropical Inspiration and Colour Scheme

Lastly is pink in a more vibrant, tropical style. This look is bright and fun with contrasting colours, bold patterns, and even a little neon! Tropical prints were huge last year and are still looking right on trend for the year ahead. A brighter pink looks amazing with bold teal and gold, and dark green can help to tone down the look a little too. Here, boho style accessories work perfectly for this tropical look along with lots of leafy plants.

Do you have pink in your home? What is your favourite colour scheme? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sarah x

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