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Watercolour sketch of colourful living room design

Stylish and Budget-Friendly Interior Design
from Leighton Jones Interiors

Online interior design starting at £195 per room! 

At Leighton Jones Interiors we like to keep things as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve created a simple and easy to use interior design service. The best part? It’s all done online. Everything! No scheduling home consultations, no trailing around shops at the weekend – you get to stay at home while we do the hard work. 

Our bespoke, budget friendly designs start at £195 per room and include everything you need to make your dream room a reality, including concept boards, a clickable shopping list and a styling guide with tips to perfectly curate your new space.

Work with our professional designer, Sarah, to create a home you truly love. 

Meet your designer

Sarah and Daisy Leighton Jones Interiors

Sarah is the interior designer and owner of Leighton Jones Interiors. As a professionally trained designer, Sarah has a wealth of experience in the interior design industry, and takes pride in all of her design projects

Sarah loves all things interiors, and had a soft spot for industrial design. She loves to mix textures, colours and patterns to create unique and exciting spaces. Throughout the design process, you will have unlimited access to Sarah, so you can draw upon her wealth of design knowledge and work together to create your perfect room. 

Why Choose Us?

Easy Online Service

We provide an easy to use online service, making the whole process as straight forward as possible!
All you have to do is provide us with measurements and photos of the room and we will take it from there.

Find out more about the design process here!

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Great Design Style

At Leighton Jones Interiors, we believe that your home should be a reflection of you. Our designer has a great sense of style and loves to eclectically mix items to create a unique and cohesive space.

Check out our Portfolio to see some beautiful examples!

Budget Friendly

Interior design doesn't have to cost you a fortune - we work hard to find you the best products to suit your personal style and budget, and can actually save you money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Browse our blog to find out what you can do with your budget. 

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Unlimited Suppliers

Unlike other designers, we are not limited to certain products or ranges. We work with a huge range of suppliers and retailers to find you the perfect items that will complete your room.

Have a look on our blog to find out just what you can do with some great high-street products!

Let’s Chat – Book a FREE Consultation now to discuss your design!