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It’s nearly time to start designing! First, we need to get some information from you to help us out.
Fill out our questionnaire as best you can, but if there’s anything you’re unsure about then we can have a chat about this later.

Once you’re done, just hit Submit and we will get the ball rolling!

Psst- We will keep this in mind when designing the room/choosing furniture etc.
*Please note that we don't do kitchens or bathrooms at the moment!
Psst - this is a biggie - if you're not sure we can work this out together.
Psst - please note that furniture can often take up to 12 weeks to be made and delivered
e.g. Painting existing furniture
*Please note these images are not from my portfolio and represent the work of other talented designers. All images sourced via Pinterest.
Psst- If you're struggling with this it can help to have a look in your wardrobe, especially for favourite colours and patterns!
Psst - we promise not to bombard you with emails - only useful design tips, exciting announcements and promotional discounts!
You can find a copy of this below.

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